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One of the most popular uses for our Boxrent containers are as an easy, flexible addition to your storage at home. When homes are being renovated, redecorated or simply decluttered, the traditional route for removing household items was have a removal company collect the items, take them to their ‘local’ site & keep them for the duration of the work….however….this solution leaves you with several downsides:


-          The cost. Typically, storage companies use warehouse storage & because you’re paying towards renting a section of their ground the cost is often several hundred pounds per month.

The solution - with a 20’ standard storage container costing between £8 - £12 per week (subject to the length of the rental period), the cost is significantly lower than a traditional removal/storage company.

-          The inconvenience. Unfortunately, the nature of having your items stored away from home is that you will ‘always’ store something which ends up being needed! This problem is accentuated by the way your items are stored, as most removal/storage companies use warehouse storage it can be difficult to arrange access or even be allowed on site to collect items which you may need.

The solution - if you have the available space at home (a driveway or garden – FYI our containers can be lifted over normal fences up to 10’ high) you can have your own secure storage unit with 24hr access only a few steps from your front door!

-          The notice. As we have all experienced during peak periods, arranging for a removals company can be a lengthy process and often requires weeks (or even months!) of notice in advance often conflicting with the timeframes provided by building & decorating contractors.

The solution – from agreeing the hire of a container we aim to have the unit delivered to you within 4-5 working days, we have working relationships with over a dozen haulage companies each running in excess of 20 vehicles meaning there is always an efficient delivery timescale available to you.

-          The collection. Again, when hiring a team of removal professionals, along with the cost of their time you’re also committed to the single visit they will make to your home. This means if you were planning a full home refurbishment you would need to allow them to take all of the items in one go.

The solution – One huge benefit of using a home container storage unit is that you can continually swap stored items throughout the stages of your redecoration meaning you can work ‘room by room’ at no extra cost & allowing the remainder of the home to be used as normal.

-          The economics. Conventional household effects storage, with removal or Self-Storage companies is a costly alternative to renting a shipping container for a short or long storage period.

The solution – In comparison to one of the UK’s largest Self-Storage business, our variety of container sizes ranging from 8’ – 40’ are all under half of the monthly cost, with an average saving on a 320 sqft storage space of over £50 per month.

-          The legalities. It is worth noting that as a container is classified as a ‘Temporary Structure’ there is no need for planning permission. We do however always advise simply notifying your neighbours so that everyone is aware of the temporary nature of the storage container.


Simply put…if you have the space for a container at home, you will not find a more convenient or cheaper means of storage!


Other sizes...

10FT Shipping Containers

Box Rent offers an extensive range of new and used 10ft shipping containers, available throughout the UK.

20FT Shipping Containers

Box Rent offers an extensive range of new and used 20ft shipping containers, available throughout the UK.

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