Container Delivery

All our containers are delivered using one of our highly skilled & professional transport contractors, whom all have an abundance of experience in container deliveries as well as long-term business relationships with both Boxrent & our sister company GVCT. The containers are lifted into position traditionally off the side of the vehicle using an HIAB (lorry mounted crane) which can lift a standard container over a normal garden/front fence and position the unit up to 40’ away from the delivery vehicle.

Approximate Delivery Vehicle Dimensions

  • 9’ Wide
  • 34’ – 40’ long rigid vehicle (single 20ft units are normally delivered using this type of vehicle)
  • 60’ long articulated vehicle (40ft units are normally delivered using this type of vehicle).
  • A 27’ wide off-loading area is required for the container to be lifted off the delivery vehicle, positioned & then lowered to level ground.
  • There needs to be a clear overhead delivery area free from obstructions eg: power/telephone cables, tree branches or any other overhead obstacles (if required a site visit & a viability assessment can be made by ourselves, either in person or via photographs).

Delivery Questions & Concerns

If you are concerned about your on-site space or access to the desired container location, please give a member of our team a call to discuss the options available to you. With the provision of site measurements & photographs, allowing our team to assess the available access we can offer a delivery guarantee or your money back to make sure you won’t lose out.

Please see our FAQ’s page for more information on regarding container deliveries & collections.

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